Environ Friendly Printing Plates Solutions


 Polaris-TN                           Environment Friendly Thermal CTP

Do you need a true environmentally friendly printing Plate with trouble free and high speed exposing?

INNO Plate can give a right and simple solution to you. Polaris-TN!

Polaris-TN is a Non Development Plate.

Expose and Print!

Processless, Chemistry-free, Gum Solution-free!


Our mission is to supply Smart Print Solutions to World Wide Print industry.

We developed special technology which can offer predictable and consistent printing quality that you need. We removed processor and clean out unit that caused processing variable so make plates become very easy and fast.


We are going to start new era of  Thermal CTP Technology.

Polaris-TN true processless plate can off you simple and trouble-free plates without any compromise on press.

Polaris-TN is a reliable and consistent plate that can remove processing variables completely.

Polaris-TN guarantee vivid images without changing press operation conditions.

We use high quality grained and anodised aluminium substrate and special resin technology offer you fast ink roll-up and consistent ink/water.



  •  High Resolution
  •  High Dot reproduction
  •  Stable Quality
  •  Excellent Ink / Water Balance
  •  Easy to adaption to your current facilities
  •  Excellent color expression and vivid image
  •  UV Ink
  •  No Ink change
  •  No Founts change
  •  No Plate Cleaner Change


 Gum Solution-free

  No Processor

  Save Energy and Space

  Printing Process


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